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About TAGOUGUI Hichem

I’m a Geologist with almost 10 years of experience in oil & gas industry. I’m familiar with Exploration & Development tasks like preparation of geological programs, tender documents, technical & commercial evaluation of the different bids, and the supervision of Mud Logging, Open & Cased Hole Wireline, and MWD/LWD. Key member in multidisciplinary team performing the evaluation and finalizing exploration & development studies. Experienced Operation and Wellsite geologist with more than 20 wells in my career subdivided between development, exploration, vertical and horizonal wells.

Company: Storm Ventures International Inc. Duration: October 2011 to August 2014
Position: Operation Geologist Duration: October 2011 to August 2014 Description:
• I performed the evaluation of Mud logging and Wireline tender documents (Preparation of the scoop of work, technical & commercial evaluation of the received bids) • I prepared the geological program for development and exploration wells including prognosis, well correlation, Mud logging, and wireline programs. • I worked with as Wellsite Geologist (12/24) for the supervision of five (5) 1500m vertical wells and (5) 2700m horizontal wells with 1000m horizontal legs, and two (2) 1500m exploration wells. • I worked as Senior Wellsite geologist (24/24h) for the supervision of seven (7) 1500m vertical development wells, and one (1) 1500 side-tracked development well. • I supervised Mud logging, MWD/LWD acquisition, and Open hole/Cased hole wireline jobs. • I supervised (2) coring operations with a 60m of cored interval in each job (Ordovician reservoir). • I assisted and supervised 13 MDT jobs including pressure testing and sampling. • I supervised 3 FMI jobs, 2 Sidewall coring jobs, and 3 VSP jobs. • I prepared the final geological reports and masterlogs of eight (8) 1500m development wells

Company: Anglo-Tunisian Oil and Gas Duration: November 2019 to To date
Position: Geologist Duration: November 2019 to To date Description:
• Revision of all geological data of “Bir Ben Tartar field” (Ordovician tight sandstone reservoir) using updated petrophysical analysis and seismic interpretation: Detailed mapping and correlation of stratigraphic sequences to predict the lateral distribution of a complex heterogenous reservoir. • Involved in the preparation of an updated geological model for the field. • Propose the best candidates for infill-drilling program locations based the updated depositional model. • Working with multi-disciplinary team to revise the potential of the existing wells and propose the candidates for workovers and Sidetrack operations. • Hydraulic fracturing results review. Involved with Contractor in preparation of re-frac program using new technologies. Selection of best candidate to be re-fraced • Preparation of bid documents (Mud Logging & Open/Cased hole logging), and geological programs for development and exploration drilling programs. • Update of the resources calculation and prospect maturation in the exploration permits. Preparation of the operational tasks (Prognosis, pore pressure prediction, mud logging and wireline programs. • Follow-up of the exploration and development activities performed by the partners (G&G studies and drilling programs). • Preparing & presenting the geological section in the official documents for the technical meeting with partners and authority (National Oil Company).

Company: MedcoEnargi Oil & Gas Duration: August 2014 to October 2019
Position: Geologist Duration: August 2014 to October 2019 Description:
• Working with multi-disciplinary team (Tunis & Jakarta) for Exploration activities: Basin studies, petrophysical analysis, post-drill analysis, prospects identification and maturation, prospects ranking & risk assessment, reserves in place estimation, and well planning. • Preparation of the needed documents for drilling activities: Geological programs (Prognosis, Pore pressure prediction, Mud logging and Wireline programs) and the Mud Logging and Wireline tender documents. • Revision of the potential in BEK permit & Adam Concession operated by ENI: Volumetric calculation of the Oil and Gas/Condensate reserves in the identified prospects using probabilistic method. • I supervised the wireline jobs needed during the workovers (perforation, re-perforation, Scal / corrosion investigation..). • I performed the evaluation of the Mud logging and Open/Cased hole logging tenders for a drilling program of eight (8) 1500m development wells (Preparation of the scoop of work, technical & commercial evaluation of the received bids). • I worked with the G&G team in the preparation of the Geological Model of Bir Ben Tartar oil filed (Southern Tunisia- Ghadames Basin).
University: University of Sciences Tunis - El Manar 2 Degree: Master Graduation Year: 2010 Area: Geology Start - End Year: 2008 - 2010

Formation Evaluation; 

Wireline Operations; 

Measurement While Drilling; 

Formation correlation; 

Core-log integration; 

Planning, implementation and QC of data accquisition programs for Oil/Gas operators; 

Operation geology; 


Sequence Stratigraphy; 



Log Analysis; 

Log Analysis (Wireline); 

Log Analysis (MWD); 


Interactive Petrophysics; 




Core description; 

reservoir architecture; 

Petroleum analysis; 

Well Integrity; 

Reservoir Characterization; 

Horizontal Drilling; 


Gravitas, Wellview, Wellcad, Geolog, Rigsteer; 

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