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Registration is Free

No. We do not charge any fees to list or post any services on Alzare. Whether it’s in:

  • Alzare Core (AC): Jobs or work orders.
  • Alzare Education Services (AES): Class, Course, Free learnings.
  • Alzare Items Services (AIS):  Items marketplace.
  • Alzare Professional Services (APS): Professional services. Or,
  • Alzare Consultations (AC): Consultations.

It is free to list or post any of the above. You can post a job, class, course, free learning, items, professional services, or consultations for free.

AES is a business unit within Alzare whereby knowledge within the energy & mining industries can be shared, preserved & disseminated.

Over the last several years, millions of energy & mining professionals were either forced to retire, or were laid-off. And they’re going away with their expertise & critical knowledge know-how. New and upcoming energy & mining professionals are insufficiently trained and are inexperienced. A talent gap currently exists and it’s getting wider.

AES is closing this talent gap by making it possible for oil, energy, & mining professionals (retired, laid-off, or still working) to transfer critical knowledge and talent, across generations, perpetually!

An amalgamation of the best minds in oil, energy & mining, working together on a single platform. An intellectual middle class accessible to all, irrespective of your size or market cap.

  • Providing energy & mining-focused education technologies (Energy & Mining Edtech).
  • Educating the energy & mining industries.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling its people.
  • Transferring & preserving critical knowledge.
  • Bridging talent gaps.
  • Providing learnings on energy transition.
  • Promoting energy & mining educators, professors, instructors, and experts.

AES does this in 3 divisions:

  • Classes: Live classes with live instructors. Instructor holds a live class with students.
  • Courses: Recorded courses. Instructor records a lecture and sells on the platform.
  • Free Contents: Free & informative learning materials (videos or pdfs documents) [free product].

AIS is a dedicated marketplace for the buying or selling of anything in the energy & mining industries. The current supply chain pipelines in the industry are inefficient and not easily accessible. There is a need for a centralized marketplace focused on energy & mining only. The goal of AIS is to be the meeting place where energy & mining companies, or individuals can:

  • Meet their supply chain needs.
  • Purchase anything needed to run their operations.
  • Sell or dispose of things that are no longer needed.

Any individual or company can sell or buy on Alzare. Examples of Items Include: Equipments, chemicals, EVs, energy storage, solar panels, etc.


APS is a business unit within Alzare which lets energy & mining professionals post specific, ready-made projects or services that they can do.

Example: a Petrophysicist who knows how to process logs can post a specific service titled: “Expert Log Evaluator”. Anyone looking for a log evaluator will purchase their service and get their logs evaluated.

APS is a way for professionals to advertise or promote their skills, or capabilities. Traditionally, a company will post a job asking qualified professionals to apply (Alzare Core). However, APS is the reverse instead. With APS, the professional posts things they can do, and clients can directly buy said service or project.

AC is a business unit within Alzare where expert advice or guidance on any given matter can be obtained. Clients can consult with subject-matter-experts and receive guidance on any topic of interest to client.

Consultant will post their availabilities on their calendar and client can purchase 1 hour meeting slots to visit with said professional. Meeting can be held via audio call, in-person, or video teleconference.

Alzare Core is the new way of working in oil, energy, & mining. Creating a virtualized or digitized workforce.

Example: Company A, based in Texas, needs a Reservoir Engineer (RE) based say in Colorado to do reservoir evaluation or asset development work. Traditionally, company A will hire RE fulltime, pay full salary, relocate new hire, pay health, dental, insurance, 401k & other benefits, etc (which is costly to company A).

With Alzare Core, Company A posts job requests and invites professionals to apply. Company A vets and hires best RE remotely through the Alzare platform. No costly benefits or expenses. Company A uploads problem files (any data needed to do the work). RE receives problem files & begins work. When RE is done, RE uploads solution files and Company A receives solution. The entire process is maintained, end-end through inbuilt technologies in the Alzare platform. The process is location-agnostic. Both parties can be located anywhere on the globe.

Benefits to company:

  • Low cost way to get work done in the industry.

  • Hire from a wide pool of talents.

  • A seamless and efficient process.

Benefits to professional:

  • You set your pay rate.

  • You set your availability.

  • Flexible work schedule.