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  • Nuclear energy is one of the most stable and reliable sources of energy on planet earth.
  • By the process of nuclear fission (in a nuclear reactor), the atoms of a radioactive element, for instance uranium, is split. This process releases significant amounts of heat, which is then used to heat water to steam. The steam in turn is used to turn turbines, producing electricity.
  • It is a clean process since it does not involve any carbon emissions or aerial contaminants.
  • In addition to the production of carbon-free energy, nuclear energy finds application in several other industries, such as healthcare (sterilization of hospital equipments, cancer treatments), space exploration, water purification, the powering of submarines and aircraft careers, the powering of certain cars, and many others.
  • As the nations of the world seek to reduce their carbon footprint, the demand for nuclear power as a  cleaner alternative will steadily be on the rise.
  • As this industry grows, Alzare is here to support this growth, through the provision of services and solutions to cater to this growing demand. 

Alzare can help.