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  • Unknown to many, the Chemicals/Petrochemicals industry is the backbone of most industries in our civilization today, and it is one of the most vital and versatile industries to maintaining modern society and technological advancements.
  • This is because this industry is a feedstock which supplies the various raw materials needed by a host of other industries to generate their end products.
  • Examples of some of these feedstock materials include ethylene, propylene, butylene, toluene, formaldehyde, and a plethora of resins, aromatic, elastomeric, and polymeric materials, amongst others, with ethylene being the predominant feedstock material which has utilization in a majority of industrial applications.
  • Some of the industries which utilize these petrochemical feedstocks as input (base) materials for their processes include the aviation industry, the automotive industry, the packaging and construction industries, the electronics industry, the pharmaceuticals and Personal Care industries, and Consumer Care industries.
  • Without the raw materials derived from Oil & Chemicals, these industries might not exist.
  • The conversion of crude oil to chemicals has not always been an efficient process, as most refineries were traditionally configured to focus heavily of the production of transportation fuels instead (such as diesel, gasoline, fuel oil).
  • However, in recent times, modern technologies are being integrated into refineries to enable these refineries to directly convert crude oil to chemicals (COTC). This technology maximizes the overall value derived per barrel of oil, and also improves efficiencies in the crude oil-to-fuels and crude-oil-to-chemicals conversion processes.
  • As industrialization and modernization increase especially in developing nations, and as automotive and construction activities increase in developed nations, the growth of the Chemicals industry is forecasted to be on the rise as demand for its feedstock materials increase. Readily available and abundant oil and natural gas in the Middle East region is expected to drive growth of the industry in that region.
Statement of Problem
  • With this growth comes an increased need for support and services.
  • As the demand for petrochemicals grow, petrochemical companies rely mostly on consultancy service companies to troubleshoot their plants and equipments.
  • However, these consultancy service companies are either scarce, incompatible, or too busy.
  • Furthermore, it is common knowledge that these consultancy service companies are very expensive. 
Proposed Solution
  • Here at Alzare, we have the technologies, and the intellectual and human capital to support this increased growth, and equally champion the Crude Oil To Chemicals (COTC) process.
  • A platform by/on/through which various Chemical- and Petrochemical-related services can be provided.
  • A client needing troubleshooting of existing plants, or designing of new plant units or any of such services will upload its request to Alzare and have qualified experts provide a fit-for-purpose solution that cater to the unique needs of the client.
  • Rather than go to scarce and busy consultancy/engineering companies and be charged a great deal of cost, why not come to Alzare and receive the same service (using our technologies and plethora of subject matter experts), at a much reduced cost?

Alzare can help.