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  • A lot of similarities exist between the energy & mining industries.
  • Both are involved in the extraction of sub-surface resources from the earth.
  • There is an overlap in many of the skillsets & expertise required in both industries.
  • While the energy industry mainly focuses on the extraction of oil & gas, the mining industry focuses on the extraction of sub-surface minerals such as: Iron ore, Potash, Nickel, Cobalt, Coal, Diamond, Gold, Bauxite, Platinum, and other precious minerals.
  • These precious materials are the backbone of many industries, and serve as the feedstock for a lot of the finished products we utilize in our everyday lives, such as cell phones, electric vehicles, solar panels, batteries, most household equipments, etc.
  • Alzare is positioning itself as a large-scale service provider to the mining industry, through the provision of services and solutions to cater to this vital and necessary industry.