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  • A massive talent gap currently exists in the energy industry. This gap will only widen if something is not done.
  • Alzare EdTech is committed to the process of knowledge transfer. It is one of the many ways Alzare EdTech is bridging this talent gap.
  • The senior folks are retiring and going away with their knowledge and expertise. Alzare EdTech is correcting this problem here.
  • We are therefore making it possible for energy experts to provide learning resources to the energy public, for free.
  • We welcome free learning materials on any topics in energy (renewable & non-renewable). These materials can be articles, papers, videos, animations, etc.
  • Your name and title will be posted next to each material you submit, so you get full credit and recognition for your work.
  • Do you have a learning material you would like to freely educate the energy industry on?

Energy EdTech

Large-scale Knowledge Transfer & Preservation.

Hundreds of thousands of energy professionals have retired. Thousands more were laid-off or sent on forced early retirement. And they’re going away with their expertise & critical knowledge know-how. New and upcoming energy professionals are insufficiently trained and are inexperienced.

What becomes of this vacuum being created? What becomes of all these individuals, their knowledge, their skills? To be lost? Forgotten? No!

Alzare EdTech is closing this talent gap by making it possible for senior oil & energy professionals (retired, laid-off, or still working) to transfer critical knowledge and talent, across generations, perpetually!

An amalgamation of the best minds in oil & energy, working together on a single platform. An intellectual capital pool accessible to all, irrespective of your size or market cap. An intellectual middle class of sorts.

Providing energy-focused education technologies. Educating the energy industry. Upskilling and Reskilling its people. Transferring knowledge. Bridging talent gaps. Providing learnings on energy transition. Promoting energy educators, professors, instructors, and experts.

We do this in 3 divisions:

  • Classes: Live classes with live instructors (paid product).
  • Courses: Recorded courses (paid product).
  • Free Contents: Free & informative learning materials (free product).

Free Contents & Free Learnings Free learning materials provided by industry experts; to transfer knowledge, to educate the energy community, and to promote themselves.

Do you have a free learning content? Get Known - Advertise Yourself: Simultaneously transfer knowledge and promote yourself by submitting free learning contents on energy-related topics. Contents can be videos, articles, papers, etc. Register to submit contents.

Do You Have a Free Learning Material You Will like to Educate The Energy Industry?

If you have a learning material or training that needs to be paid for, please go to Online Classes, or Online Courses section.