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No such platform exists in the industry. Our coverage is ubiquitous, and our proposal unique. Amongst the many benefits Alzare® brings, below are a few:

  • 1. Alzare literally Creates an Intellectual Middleclass in the Energy & Mining Industries.

    Alzare serves as an amalgamation of the best minds in Energy & Mining, working together on a single global platform. A pool of talent and expertise that is accessible by and to all, irrespective of your market cap or enterprise value. Alzare is the equivalence of merging all the employees of the super majors, mid-size, and small independents, together in one place. A lot of value can be created when the entire intellectual capital of an industry unites on a single platform. Nothing of this sort currently exists in the industry. It does not get any better and bigger and stronger than this! Alzare is open to active industry professionals or retired industry professionals who may still want to work on a part-time basis and at their leisure, and be paid a fee.

  • 2. Alzare Corrects Industry Biases and Special Interests.

    Alzare provides a method of obtaining unbiased, fair, inexpensive, quick, and accurate determinations of a property’s valuation prior to making an investment or divestment: multiple experts on a single platform attesting to an asset’s value. Alzare provides a trustworthy and an unbiased viewpoint on any given asset. Having multiple experts on a single platform say the same thing confirms and validates said conclusion versus having only a single person’s/entity’s opinion (as is the case with current third-party valuators). Once an asset is uploaded to Alzare and reviewed, an investor will have the privilege of seeing on Alzare what different experts in different parts of the world, and in different geologic basins think said asset is worth. Hence, they will be able to compare that with what the seller is telling them. This gives tremendous leverage to the buyer. This gives even novice buyers the tool to avoid overpaying for an asset. With multiple experts simultaneously valuating an asset, it will be easy to tell the true value of an asset based on what the majority is saying, versus a biased valuation by a single valuator.

  • 3. A Source of Perpetual Employment and Revenue to the Global Energy & Mining Industries.

    Hundreds of thousands of energy & mining professionals have been laid-off. These are valuable talents that are “wasting away”. With Alzare, these Subject Matter Experts will stay employed for life, and ensure continuity in the industry. In exchange for their services on Alzare, these experts will be paid a fee, and may be awarded other forms of non-monetary compensations, such as recognitions, awards.

  • 4. Cost-Effective Services.

    Alzare provides oilfield, energy & mining services at a much reduced cost. Rather than go to the large energy & mining service companies and be charged so much, Alzare connects and provides just about any of the services that these energy & mining service companies provide, but at a reduced cost, using its professionals and technologies.

  • 5. Grow Your Professional Network.

    Connect with individuals from the same industries, make friends, follow one another, and grow your professional network. 

  • 6. Alzare Corrects the Widening Talent Gap.

    Hundreds of thousands of Energy & Mining professionals have been laid-off or forced into early retirement. Additionally, within the next five years, about 50 percent of the oil and energy workforce will retire, leaving a huge talent gap in the industry. The good news is, with such a global online platform, these retirees won’t completely go away. They will still be available on Alzare to share and transfer knowledge and help fill the talent gap.

  • 7. Alzare is the Great Equalizer.

    By being able to upload assets or data for review, or by being able to request services on Alzare, the average small business owner or operator now has access to the same depth of expertise, technology, and talent that only the big players have or could afford.

  • 8. Global Relevance.

    Alzare's coverage is ubiquitous. Alzare provides services worldwide. Alzare is used by both investors, lending institutions, individuals, Exploration & Production companies, Renewable Energy Companies, and Mining & Metals companies. Investors and lenders use the platform to gauge/certify an asset’s true value from the expert opinions, and to obtain various services, while energy & mining companies utilize it to evaluate their assets and obtain multiple services.

  • 9. Inhouse Commercial Engineering.

    Alzare is an inexpensive method of doing inhouse commercial engineering by the smaller players and to gain access to quality talents and expertise that they would otherwise not be able to hire fulltime.

  • 10. A Go-To-Place for Energy Companies.

    Energy (renewable and non-renewable), & Mining companies looking to engage in, outsource, or obtain one service or another will find Alzare useful and more cost-effective.

  • 11. A Go-To-Place For Capital Providers and Investors.

    Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are deployed into the energy & mining industries from various capital providers: private equities, sovereign wealth funds, teacher’s pensions, endowments, investment banks, commercial banks, private individuals, etc. Now these investors have a tool, a platform that is valuable. A tool that assists them in their process of capital deployment.

  • 12. Energy Transition.

    As energy companies transition to renewable sources, there will exist a serious need for skilled talents, services, and technologies to meet the needs of this emerging renewable energy sector. What better place to find such solutions and services than at a central energy hub like Alzare.

  • 13. And Many More.

    And Many More.