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Example 1

An Investor or company (client) intends to acquire an oilfield or energy asset for $50 Million.

Traditionally about 5% of this amount ($2.5 Million) is usually allocated for A&D-related services and due diligence. 

Current Method

  • Client goes to Valuator A for an Expert Report.
  • Spends $500K on a single reserve report.
  • Will take several months before report is ready (long backlog, limited inhouse technical team).
  • Ends up with one report telling Client what the asset is worth (report is often biased).
  • Client spends the rest on other advisory-related services.

Alzare® Platform

  • Client comes to Alzare.
  • Client is charged only a portion of the cost of Valuator A.
  • Will take a shorter time for the report to be ready (no backlog, unlimited pool of experts go to work immediately).
  • Client gets multiple reports from different Subject-Matter-Experts telling Client what the asset is truly worth, and what Client should pay or sell it for.
  • Client spends the rest on other advisory-related services. Alzare also provides the rest of the acquisition-related advisory services the Client needs. One-stop-shop for all Client's needs. 
  • Value-Add to Client: A Client will be very satisfied getting multiple valuations/reports for the asset the Client intends to acquire, compared to the single report Client otherwise would have had, and at a lower cost. No more overpaying for deals. No more inflated asset prices. No more biases in the asset valuation process.
  • Value-Add to Professional: Multiple professionals just got a job and got paid. This helps laid-off experts and their families, etc. At scale, huge economic benefit and social impact.

Example 2

A Client needs an oilfield or energy-related service. 

Current Method

  • Client goes to one of the large oilfield service (OFS) companies.
  • Client is billed hypothetically $1 Million for the project.
  • These OFS firms are notorious for being expensive. They have a lot of overhead. 

Alzare® Platform

  • Client comes to Alzare.
  • Being an asset-light platform, Alzare can afford to get the same job done at a reduced cost.
  • Same high-quality service (same energy professionals providing the service on Alzare), but at a reduced cost.
  • Value For The Client: Significant cost-savings and efficiencies achieved for the Client. Alzare just made the process of providing products and services to the Client more affordable, more convenient, and more flexible.
  • Value For The Professional: Multiple professionals get paid and can support their families. Social and economic impact.

Example 3

  • Worldwide, so many energy professionals have been laid-off, and many sent on early retirement. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions.
  • We are talking engineers, geologists, geoscientists, petrophysicists, scientists, accountants, finance persons, landmen, consultants, skilled workers, etc with 10, 20, 30, 40 years of industry experience, whose careers have been abruptly cut.
  • Where will they go? What becomes of all these talents? What becomes of their careers? What becomes of the industry?
  • Furthermore, more than a million jobs in the Energy Industry (Renewable and Non-Renewable) are at stake.
  • A massive talent gap currently exists in the industry, and this will only widen in the future.
  • Alzare believes it is a solution to these questions.
  • By being ubiquitous, one of the values Alzare offers is being able to connect and house all these industry professionals worldwide, offering them jobs and ensuring continuity in their careers.
  • With Alzare, the platform is making not only a humanitarian, but also a social impact, city by city, state by state, country by country, and continent by continent.
  • A lot of value can be created when the entire intellectual capital of an industry unites on a single global platform. Think of a former ExxonMobil Engineer or Geologist working together with a retired Shell Engineer or Geoscientist on the same Platform. Or a Saudi Aramco or ADNOC Petrophysicist working together with a ConocoPhilips Geologist on the same platform. Significant value can be created and tremendous innovations birthed when these best minds come together!
  • Of course, those actively employed can still work on Alzare at their leisure.

Alzare Is Ensuring Continuity In The Energy Industry Workforce, And Bridging The Talent Gap. The Widening Talent Gap Created By Those Laid-off/Retired Is Being Corrected By This Business Model And Technology.

Creating A More Level Playing Field For Everyone!