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A Global Central Energy & Mining Hub;

  • To be a centralized and universal hub for the provision of any service, product, technology, or solution in the global energy & mining industries.
  • To connect energy & mining professionals (laid-off, retired, employed, contractors) worldwide to opportunities.
  • To improve affordability and efficiencies in the provision of oilfield services, in the provision of all energy & mining services, and in the energy market.
  • To provide large-scale energy & mining education technologies.
  • To be a dedicated marketplace where all energy & mining items (new, used, refurbished), can be purchased or sold.

What We Do

Alzare is a multi-purpose, multi-faceted, energy & mining technology platform. Alzare connects Energy & Mining Professionals to Energy & Mining Clients to provide large-scale services & solutions, and large-scale energy & mining education technologies to the global energy & mining industries, efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as help individuals, instructors, and businesses establish a visible and active brand worldwide.


Professionals: Provide Services

  1. Individuals: Subject-Matter-Experts: Active, laid-off, and retired. 
  2. Companies: Contractors, consulting, engineering, sub-contractors, universities, etc.

Clients: Seek Services

  1. Oil & Gas Companies
  2. Mining Companies
  3. Renewable Energy Companies
  4. Financial Institutions and Energy Investors
  5. US Department of Energy (DOE)
  6. Asset Managers
  7. US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
  8. Governments
  9. National / International Oil Companies
  10. General Energy Community & Public

Why Now?

What is Technology?

Technology is defined as technique, a new way of doing things.

  • We are living in the early stages of the fourth industrial revolution: the digitization and digitalization of entire industries and society as a whole.
  • In favor of efficiency, the form and method by which products and services have previously been obtained or rendered are gradually becoming obsolete. The energy & mining industries are no exception.
  • Alzare® is the new way of doing things in the Energy & Mining Industries! The new way to transact, the new way to provide and obtain services, the new way to provide and obtain products.

Sectors Served

Carbon Management

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures


Alzare Education Services (AES)

(Energy & Mining Education Technologies)
  • Online Class Learning (live class) done with a live Instructor via a video conferencing tool, such as zoom.

    Get Paid: Make income by becoming an Instructor. Create online classes. Register to Create an Online Class.
  • Online Course Learning material that you purchase, are granted access to, and you study later on at your pace.

    Courses can be quizzes, lectures, practice tests, assignments, resources, answers, articles, case study, image, video, webinar.

    Get Paid: Make income by becoming an Instructor. Create online courses. Register to submit a course.
  • Free Learnings Free learning materials provided by industry experts; to transfer knowledge, to educate the energy community, and to promote themselves.

    Do you have a free learning content? Get Known - Advertise Yourself: Simultaneously transfer knowledge and promote yourself by submitting free learning contents on energy-related topics. Contents can be videos, articles, papers, etc. Register to submit contents.

Alzare Consultations (AC)

Our Core Values

1. To provide the highest quality solutions:
    We scrutinize, vet, cross-check & quality-control our solutions & services.

2. To provide the most cost-effective solutions:
    We’re committed to offering the lowest cost services and solutions in the industry.

Alzare® was built on quality & price. The highest quality and the best price! That’s our commitment.