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Can The US Cut-off China's Oil Supply During a War?

Author : John Lucas

Subject Area


  • Oil and Gas Economics and Geopolitical Implications


Content Summary

Palki Sharma of Gravitas Plus discusses China's reliance on oil and her ability to sustain a war if her oil supplies were cut off. Almost 60% of China's oil imports are transported by sea. They must pass via three strategic choke points controlled by the US navy before reaching China. If war breaks out, can the US cut off China's oil supply? Palki Sharma tells you.

Author : John Lucas
Author bio

WION (World Is One) is a team of seasoned and daring, young journalists of diverse nationalities. WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. Using our social media platforms we open the conversation about our world with our users. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim is to empower people to explore their world. With our Global headquarters in New Delhi, we bring you news on the hour, by the hour.

We deliver information that is not biased. We are journalists who are neutral to the core and non-partisan when it comes to the politics of the world. People are tired of biased reportage and we stand for a globalized united world. So for us the World is truly One. Check us out: https://www.wionews.com/ 

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