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Why Battery Recycling Is The Next Big Thing

Author : John Lucas

Subject Area

Energy Storage

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Content Summary

We are in the early stages of the Electric Vehicle Revolution! In the next decade, the majority of new cars will be electric! One point that often gets forgotten, is what we will do with all these batteries after their useful lives? It turns out there are some amazing advancements happening in the world of battery recycling and I honestly think this will go from a challenge to one of the great new industries of the future. Amazing companies like Li-Cycle and American Manganese are at the forefront of the recycling revolution and were kind enough to talk to us for this episode. Recycling can finally create a circular economy where batteries after operating for years and hundreds of thousands of miles, can be turned around, recycled, and put right back into use. This was never possible before with gas cars, and this deserves a deeper dive here on Two Bit da Vinci.

Author : John Lucas
Author bio

Two Bit Da Vinci produces informative videos on companies, products, and technologies that shape our future. Visit us at: https://www.twobitdavinci.com/ 

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