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victor manuel rondon zuluaga

victor manuel rondon zuluaga

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About Victor Manuel Rondon Zuluaga

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia 10:18 am local time

Reservoir Engineer $30/hr

I am a reservoir engineer and I specialize in degraded fields, small fields, fields that have not had good results applying technology, especially in those that have less data and that engineering overlooks, because of their little apparent value. I have 20 years of experience and I am a multitasking engineer, which is within the budget of a small operator. I have experience in laboratory, reservoirs, pressures, pvt, well operations and drilling. I have the ability to synthesize information and work in a very short time with machine learning applications.

Company: HorusJM Duration: Aug 01, 2022 to Apr 30, 2023 . 8 months
Position: Senior Reservoir Engineer Duration: Jan 08, 2022 to Apr 30, 2023 . 1 year 3 months Description:

Small field crossover reservoir engineer. Field development activities, petrophysics, pressures, reserves and all other activities. Only engineer in small company.

Company: Colombian Geological service. En territorio Duration: Jun 01, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021 . 6 months
Position: Drilling engineer Duration: Jan 06, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021 . 11 months Description:


Company: Ecopetrol Duration: Dec 05, 2006 to May 03, 2020 . 13 years 5 months
Position: Senior Reservoir Engineer Duration: May 12, 2006 to May 03, 2020 . 14 years Description:

Reserves, development plans, execution of development plans and monitoring, evaluation of national and international assets. Expertise in pressures, fluid thermodynamics, simulation, and flow assurance. Expertise in improved and secondary recovery.knowledge in back allocation and well maintenance. Fields of heavy crude, light, fractured, and tight oil and subjected to secondary recovery processes. Operations engineer january 2008.january 2009.Ecopetrol s.a in joint venture with occidental andina. Coordination of field workover operations in the cira infantas. Fishing operations, cannoning, starting new wells, sand cleaning, and training evaluation. Injection engineer. December 2006-january 2008. Ecopetrol s.a. forms the ministry. Evaluation of injector performance. Design of interventions.

Company: Ecopetrol-Ansall Ltda Duration: Jun 01, 2006 to Dec 04, 2006 . 6 months
Position: Production Engineer Duration: Jan 06, 2006 to Apr 12, 2006 . 3 months Description:

Production engineering and surface facilities. Planning of activities and design of artificial lift systems.

Company: Sun gemini Duration: Aug 08, 2005 to Jun 05, 2006 . 10 months
Position: Data management engineer Duration: Aug 08, 2005 to May 06, 2006 . 9 months Description:

Data management engineer for exploration.

Company: EOS ltda- Ecopetrol Duration: Jun 01, 2001 to Apr 04, 2005 . 3 years 10 months
Position: Reservoir- Production and EOR engineer Duration: Jan 06, 2001 to Apr 01, 2005 . 4 years 3 months Description:

Research and development in aged oilfields.

PVT and EOR laboratory work.

Development of projects.

University: Universidad ESEIT Degree: Post-graduate Graduation Year: 2023 Area: Data Analytics Start - End Year: 2022 - 2023 Notes:

Specialization in data analytics and big data. Data visualization, Machine Learning, especially applied to reservations.

University: Universidad de los Andes Degree: Master of Engineering Graduation Year: 2018 Area: Petroleum Engineering Start - End Year: 2016 - 2018 Notes:

Enhanced Oil recovery.

Financial evaluation

Production Engineering


Unconventional reservoirs.

HSEQ and enviroment.

University: Universidad INdustrial de Santander Degree: Bachelor Graduation Year: 2001 Area: Petroleum Engineering Start - End Year: 1994 - 2001 Notes:

Petroleum Engineering.

Chemical Engineering



Awards & Recognitions
Award Name: Innovation practices 2014 Award Year: 2014

Second and third place in Ecopetrol innovation days year 
2014.Solar energy for thermal recovery and heat management in oil fields 


Well Data Management; 

Formation Evaluation; 

Remote Operations; 

Production Optimization; 


Portfolio Management; 

Decision Analysis; 


Wellbore stability analysis; 

Interactive Petrophysics; 



Water Management; 

Production Enhancement; 

Petroleum Engineer; 

Reservoir Characterization; 

Oil & Gas well; 

Machine Learning; 

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR); 

Work History & Review

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