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Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz


About Carlos Diaz

Drilling Specialist $30/hr

I am mechanical engineer with a wide and solid experience of more than 25 years in the planning, design and execution of drilling and workover programs. I have all the technical skills necessary to perform optimally in this position, and I ensure excellent results in each of my duties. I am a proactive person and I am passionate about new challenges, which is why I am looking for a new opportunity that allows me to continue my professional development and contribute my skills.

Company: Petro Expertos CA Duration: Mar 01, 2021 to Present . 3 years 4 months
Position: Drilling Specialist Duration: Mar 01, 2021 to Present . 3 years 4 months Location: Lecherias, Anzoategui, Venezuela Description:
• Responsible for planning and design of the drilling and workover of heavy oil producer wells. • Provide the key planning for execution of drilling and completion programs • Perform experience transfer and well reporting • Work in team with other disciplines, perform method selection, risk assessment, evaluate and recommend required equipment.

Company: PDVSA Exploration and Production Duration: Jun 23, 2006 to Present . 18 years 1 month
Position: Drilling Engineering Manager at PDVSA E&P Duration: Apr 02, 2018 to Mar 01, 2021 . 2 years 11 months Location: Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela Description:
• Coordinate and oversee the work teams to get the effective design and implementation of well plans and the generation and follow up of Drilling Technical Proposals • Supervise the engineering duties as required to provide the conceptual design, detailed design and drilling programs for oil and gas wells. • Responsible of following the Drilling Engineering process and provides real time decision support to drilling operations teams.

Position: Drilling Operations Manager PDVSA Gas Duration: Apr 03, 2017 to Mar 01, 2018 . 11 months Location: Anaco, Anzoategui, Venezuela Description:
• Lead, coordinate and ensure the success of the drilling and workover operations including HPHT Wells, obtaining high performance in the execution of the operations. Non-productive time less than 12%. • Rig management according to production strategies. Type of Well versus Rig Capacity. • Responsible of the Planning and execution of the Drilling and Workover Budget

Position: Drilling and Workover Engineering Manager at PDVSA E&P Duration: Jul 01, 2011 to Mar 01, 2017 . 5 years 8 months Location: Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela Description:
As Drilling Engineering Manager, I was responsible to lead hands-on well design engineers team who work together with the Geoscience team for making sure the planning and designing of Drilling and Workover Programs at PDVSA E&P, designing horizontal extended reach heavy and extra heavy oil producers wells, using Landmark R5000 drilling engineering softwares (drillworks Predict, Compass, Wellplan 6.0, Stresscheck, Casingseat, Openwells). At the Orinoco Oil Belt Basin, the largest heavy oil reservoir of the world in PDVSA Eastern (Faja) in Venezuela, we had the role of designing all the heavy oil producers wells which most of them were 3D wellpath horizontal wells with horizontal length section between 3000-6000 feet. High Density Multipads Wells (20-40) wells per platform separated 10 meters cellar-to-cellar distance divided by 2-3 rows represented a big challenge for anti-collision analysis because many nearby wellpaths increased the probability of risk collision. As Drilling Engineering Manager also, I was responsible of making sure that the feasibility of well´s drilling detecting the risks factors at the surface close to the well locations or clusters when talk about Multipads Well.

Position: Well Services Procurement Commission - Principal Technical Member at PDVSA E&P Duration: Feb 01, 2010 to Jul 01, 2011 . 1 year 5 months Location: Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela Description:
• Provide technical support about drilling and workover issues to select the well services contractors in tender process.

Position: Drilling Technology and Best Practices Manager at PDVSA E&P Duration: Jun 02, 2008 to Jan 01, 2010 . 1 year 7 months Location: Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela Description:
• Lead a team of highly experienced drilling and well rehabilitation professionals to detect and incorporate new technologies and best drilling and well rehabilitation practices in order to reduce costs and times in operations.

Position: Region Drilling Operation Manager at PDVSA E&P Duration: Jun 01, 2006 to Jun 02, 2008 . 2 years Location: Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela Description:
• Oversee and coordinate the operations of 4 drilling districts teams (San Tomé, Anaco, Morichal and Punta de Mata) evaluating and ensuring high performance in the execution of the Drilling Programs to meet the goals.
University: Central University of Venezuela Degree: Bachelor Graduation Year: 1990 Area: Engineering/Mechanical Start - End Year: 1984 - 1990 Notes:

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, number 13 of 50 graduates


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