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About Son Vu !

Senior Geologist
Senior Geologist, Operation Geologist, Geoscientist with more than 23 years working experience in a multi-cultural environment, upstream petroleum industry. Specialising in 2D/3D seismic & geological interpretation, operation geology, prospect evaluation for exploration, appraisal and development activities as well as petroleum system analysis. Experiences in working for reputed international Oil & Gas Companies: JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (JVPC, NOMA), Cuu Long JOC, ConocoPhillips Vietnam, ConocoPhillips USA and Talisman Vietnam (part of Repsol group). Self-improvement, ability to work under pressure and within time constraints to complete all jobs on time. Good cooperation with superiors and colleagues to successfully contribute to various multi-disciplinary technical teams.

Company: JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd. Duration: March 2020 - present Position: Sr. Geologist Description:
o Subsurface lead for Helang Deep Exploration HPHT well. o Working closely with Drilling and Reservoir Engineering teams and Operation geologist to further optimize the formation evaluation program and to reduce the cost. o Prepared Helang Deep Well Formation Evaluation Program, Well proposal, Post well study project planning. o Support Mudlogging & Wireline logging contract technical evaluation as well as Wellsite Geologist. o Worked with Haliburton (LWD), Baker (Wireline) for pre-job planning and readiness. o Worked closely with Operation geologist to determined section TD, casing shoe depth and other G&G team member to control well drilling operations. o Prepared and presented well proposal and final evaluation program to MPM, PCSB and obtained approval timely. o Coordinate and monitor daily rig activities with regards to geological and logging data (LWD, EWL) o Attend all daily drilling meetings and chair the G&G daily operations meeting to discuss any issues and forward plans for the day. o Communicate daily with Well Site Geologist on the rigs for well reporting and discuss forward plans for the day, drilling activities, mud logging, logging while drilling (LWD), electrical logging (EWL) etc. o Attend all Pre-spud meeting for drilling Exploration wells and prepare and present of G&G material of the well. o Supervise and manage the responsibilities and duties of the well site geologist and ensuring all daily reports are correct and timely reporting is adhered. o Monitor all mud logging, electric logging and wellsite Geologist invoices are correct prior to payment. o Work closely on a daily basis with the Drilling and Reservoir Engineering team on all planning, well trajectories, TD criteria, NOOP’s preparation, and all matters pertaining to operations. o Prepared and coordinator for post well evaluation report.

Company: Talisman Energey (Part of Repsol Group) Duration: Aug 2009 - Dec2019 Position: Sr. Geologist Description:
o Petroleum system Analysis Vietnam & new venture projects o Preparation of well proposal & petrophysical logging program evaluation and contract services for 05.2/10 block: Wireline Logging; Mudlogging & Wellsite Geologist. o Supervisor and support well drilling operations in 05.2/10 Block. o Blocks evaluation:146-147 (Phu Khanh Basin), 01-02; 17 (Cuu Long Basin); 10-11; 20-21; 03; 06-94 (Nam Con Son Basin); 45-46 (Malay Basin), and Barakuda JSA (East Natuna Indonesia Basin) projects: Seismic interpretation; Faults seal analysis; Dry hole analysis; Basin modeling; Prospects volumetric estimation & risking; Propose drilling well location o Prospect resources estimation & risking: 146-147, 133-134, 07/3,135-136 & 156-159 blocks

Company: ConocoPhillips (UK), Ltd. Deep Water Blocks Duration: Jan2007 - June2008 Position: Geoscientist Description:
o Monitor all ConocoPhillips exploration activities in Vietnam. o Evaluation of the deepwater blocks in Nam Con Son Basin together with the technical team in Houston. o Attended monthly scout meeting and updated to high level. o Coordination with PV/Partners related to technical meetings

Company: ConocoPhillips (USA)- Houston, TX- Deepwater- GOM Duration: June2008 - July2009 Position: Operation Geologist Description:
o Monitor sub-salt Deepwater drilling exploration wells: Keathley Canyon basin (KC): KC-596#1, KC551, 552, 595 and 640 blocks (COP 50%, Devon 50%). KC-102 (BP: 67%, Petrobras: 20% and COP: 13%). Walker Ridge basin (WR): WR8 51 and 52 blocks (COP 40%, Anadarko 30%, Cobalt 20% and Marathon 10%). o Real time Logging While Drilling (LWD) well correlation integrates with biostratigraphic data to control sub- salt wells targets, Petroghysical logging program evaluation, and Post well evaluation o Seismic interpretation & mapping update for Hydrocarbon in Place (HCIP) volume.

Company: Cuu Long Joint Operating COmpany (CLJOC), Ltd Duration: Jan2005 - Jan2007 Position: Sr. Geologist Description:
o G&G Modelling: Miocene sandstone & Fracture Basement reservoirs using Petrel software o Hydrocarbon Initial in Place (HIIP) volumetric/ Reserves estimation & reporting. o Prepared the Outline Development Plan (ODP) and Field Development Plan (FDP) documentation and report for review and approval by government. o Coordination & preparation for workshops and technical meetings with PV/Partners. o Optimisation of well locations, petrophysical logging program evaluation, well design, well proposal & planning o Real Time Logging While Drilling (LWD) monitoring. o Post well evaluation; Well test completion (Packer depth, perforation interval). Core, cutting sample preparation for analysis. Preparation of Wireline Logging, Mud logging and Wellsite Geologist Contracts and Supervision of G&G operations. o Log data interpretation: Bore hole Image (FMI) for fractures basement reservoirs.

Company: JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (JVPC) Ltd. Duration: Jan1998 - Dec2004 Position: Wellsite Geologist/ Operation Geologist/Geologist Description:
o Wellsite Geologist on Hakru-7, Trident-17, Galveston Key and Key Gibraltar rigs for both Miocene & Basement wells: cuttings description, daily geological reporting and supervision of the Mud logging, Wireline logging works. o Operations Geologist: preparing Geological Well Proposals; Well Completion Reports; Petrophysical logging program evaluations; Preparation of budget and tenders for Service Contracts (Wireline logging, Mudlogging & Wellsite geologist) and mentoring young staff in G&G operations activities. o Study and work with the following: G&G Modelling for Miocene & Fracture basement reservoirs using Petrel software; HIIP volumetric/ Reserves estimation & reporting; Prepared the Outline Development Plan (ODP) and Field Development Plan (FDP) documentation and report for review and approval by government; Supervising Wireline Logging, Mud logging and Wellsite Geologist Contracts and G&G operations; Log data interpretation: Borehole image interpretation for fracture basement reservoir (FMI), Elan processing. In-situ stress, Bore hole stability study by GMI software & Basic knowledge of reservoir modelling & simulation.
University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology Degree: Master degree Graduation Year: 2008 Area: Petroleum Engineering Start - End Year: 2006 - 2008
University: Hanoi University of Mining and Geology Degree: Bachelor of Geosciences Graduation Year: 1997 Area: Petroleum Geology Start - End Year: 1992 - 1997
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