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Andy Wood

Andy Wood


About Andy Wood

Subsurface Manager
Extensive experience in Upstream Oil &Gas, working in the Geothermal Industry where I apply my 30 + years of O&G learning to Advanced Geothermal Systems. Subsurface Manager at CeraPhi Energy we provide closed-loop single well solutions, delivering Net Zero CO2 Baseload Energy. A founding member of the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association, I am determined to educate and make the world aware of the vast potentials of geothermal energy. Previously I guided Oil & Gas Operators subsurface operations, leading to campaigns which achieve maximum productivity, resulting in multi million dollar cost saving. An enthusiastic leader who solves the pain of operational inefficiency, overseeing, building and managing multidisciplinary, multicultural Geology & Geophysics and Wells teams in multiple locations concurrently. Subsurface professional with extensive international Upstream Oil & Gas experience, having worked in 25 countries, with extended time in the UK and Norwegian North Sea, East Africa and Azerbaijan. Oil & Gas experience – 11 years on rigs and 19 + in various roles within Subsurface and Drilling teams. Familiar with all aspects of Subsurface Management. I have a strong focus on providing clarity of process and providing recommendations which lead to optimised operations and reservoir characterisation, resulting in efficiency, waste reduction and significant cost saving. With the ability and desire to ask the difficult questions and a determination to deliver. Key Skills • Informed about the Energy Ecosystem and its decarbonised, decentralised future. • Building and management of technical teams and the efficient delivery of the required conclusions. • Contract design, appraisal and administration focusing on providing value and achieving significant savings. Proactive audit of systems and practices and the provision of optimum solutions. • Critical thinking and rationalisation of processes. • Overseeing projects to ensure efficacy, while closely reviewing technical performance and economic outcome. • Designing and facilitating Knowledge Capture events to ensure Operational Efficiencies are identified, recorded and implemented for future projects. • Delivering Operational Excellence. My mission is to lead and advise, using the breadth of my experience and proven technical management skills to add value to a forward-thinking organisations, in an environment where I can deliver solutions efficiently. Open to Non Executive Director & Advisory roles in O&G or Energy Transition.

Company: CeraPhi Energy Ltd Duration: Feb 01, 2021 to Present . 3 years 2 months
Position: Subsurface Manager Duration: Feb 01, 2021 to Present . 3 years 2 months Description:
As Subsurface Manager I am responsible for all Geology & Geophysical related solutions at CeraPhi Energy. Additionally, I have a Business Development role and am active in promoting Geothermal Energy and the company. Due to my technical background, I advise on design of new geothermal technology and solutions and contribute to marketing as and when required. I regularly present to international societies and institutions on the subject of Geothermal and the Energy Transition. I actively participate in Energy Transition and Alternative Energy discussion and in the advancement of Geothermal Energy.

Company: Manage My Rocks Limited Duration: Jan 01, 2018 to Feb 01, 2021 . 3 years 1 month
Position: Director / Subsurface Operations Manager Duration: Jan 01, 2018 to Feb 01, 2021 . 3 years 1 month Description:
Offering services to advise Operators with well design, execution and reporting whether for one well or entire campaigns. With a strong focus on operational efficiency, process improvement and cost saving, ensuring that clients receive optimum services for minimal outlay. Capably managing in-house teams and external service companies. Clients included: OPL (Pakistan), Repsol Sinopec (Aberdeen) and CNOOC International (Atlantic Canada).

Company: Tullow Oil Duration: Jan 01, 2011 to Dec 01, 2017 . 6 years 11 months
Position: Operations Geology Manager / Team Lead Duration: Jan 01, 2011 to Dec 01, 2017 . 6 years 11 months Description:
Senior level Team Leader with overall supervision of technical teams in five countries involved in East African projects. This position involved the managing 80 – 100% of Tullow Oil’s drilling operations. In this role my major achievements were: • The adaptation and management of a large multidisciplinary technical team to create an efficient working unit. • Cost savings amounting to tens of millions of dollars through operational optimisation. Reducing some contract costs by in excess of 40%. • The proficient management of nearly 100 wells in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Company: PetroCanada Norge AS Duration: Apr 01, 2010 to Dec 01, 2010 . 8 months
Position: Senior Operations Geologist Duration: Apr 01, 2010 to Dec 01, 2010 . 8 months Description:
Responsible for the planning, supervision while drilling and reporting of the 34/4-13 S (Beta Statfjord) HpHt well drilling from July 2010. This well was the most successful Exploration well in Norway during 2010, leading to Petro-Canada being awarded ‘Explorationist of the year’ for 2010 in Norway and was drilled without any well control incidents.

Company: Talisman Energy Norge AS Duration: Oct 01, 2003 to Apr 01, 2010 . 6 years 6 months
Position: Operations Geology Team Lead Duration: Oct 01, 2003 to Apr 01, 2010 . 6 years 6 months Description:
Beneficially oversaw the planning, drilling and reporting of 50+ North Sea wells. This role involved creating a team of multidisciplinary Geoscientists who performed the exceptional geological supervision for all wells, with a strong focus on operational optimisation and cost saving.
University: London University - Queen Mary College Degree: BSc Graduation Year: 1990 Area: Earth Science Start - End Year: 1987 - 1990 Notes:
Undergraduate degree in Geology

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