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Tarek Gagigi

Tarek Gagigi

Last Seen 5 months ago


About Tarek Gagigi

Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya 6:38 pm local time

Canada $50/hr

Bachelor in earth sciences, pursuing independent consulting in Wellsite and Geosteering ( Wellplacement and drilling Efficiency). Professional grip on Operation Geology.

Motivated, Team lead and ability to communicate professionally with others.

Company: Qatar Energy Duration: Jan 01, 2005 to Jan 01, 2020 . 15 years
Position: Senior State Geologist (Operations) Duration: Jan 01, 2005 to Jan 01, 2020 . 15 years Description:


·Set the solid base of the wellsite geology and Geosteering in the Qatar Energy Dukhan Field, creating employment opportunities in the process for Wellsite and operational geologists. Developed the art of Geo-steering by implementing the rotary steerable technology through the Baker Hughes Autotrack.


·Integrated the RNS (Reservoir Navigation System) software developed by the Baker RGS team in lateral well placement called today Starsteer.

·Successfully drilled and monitored over 55 horizontal wells in the anticline structure of 600 drilled wells in Dukhan field characterized by thin geolayers of Arab.D and Arab.C Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs.

Enhanced communication between drillers and the RGS team.


Established new role with DPSA team Al-Shaheen field. Successfully supported the subsurface team with valuable input from Wellsite and operations geology during drilling, coring in Exploration, and development wells, with quarterly reservoir management meetings.

·Applied Petrel in geological syntheses, alongside 1-D and 2-D well bore interpretation (pre-drilling and post-drilling) meeting with TOTAL (NOC) X Maersk MOQ ,TOTAL (TEPQ) and Occidental.

This valuable input enhanced the drilling strategy implemented in the FDP.

University: Tripoli University Degree: Bachelor Degree in earth Sciences Graduation Year: 1988 Area: Earth Sciences Start - End Year: 1981 - 1988

Well Data Management; 

Formation Evaluation; 

Remote Operations; 

Wireline Operations; 

Formation correlation; 

Operation geology; 

Geological Mapping; 

Core Logging; 


Log Analysis; 

Log Analysis (Wireline); 

Log Analysis (MWD); 

Wellbore stability analysis; 

Data quality control; 


Routine core analysis; 

Reservoir Characterization; 

Horizontal Drilling; 





Gravitas, Wellview, Wellcad, Geolog, Rigsteer; 

Formation Testing and Sampling; 


Work History & Review

No Work History & Review yet!