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Sarah Mamoughli

Sarah Mamoughli


About Sarah Mamoughli

Reservoir Geophysicist
6 years of professional experience in the oil and gas industry as a reservoir geophysicist, allowed me to have a solid base in quality control techniques, time management, and the ability to work under pressure. I have been involved in 12 reservoir characterization projects (most of which are in the Middle East and Western Africa) using Seismic attributes, post and pre-stack inversions, AVO, and geological modeling using 3D Neural Network. I have also experience in project management, data gathering, and training. I can work on different software such as Petrel, Crystal, HRS, JASON, FracPredictor, IP, in addition to Microsoft office I am, also, involved in promoting FracPredictor, a GOGEO’s software, as well as the consulting and training services which the company is offering. In addition, I am a keen learner and a good team player, who easily integrates with others.

University: Faculty of Sciences of Tunis - El Manar Degree: Master's degree Graduation Year: 2015 Area: Applied geophysics Start - End Year: 2013 - 2015
University: Faculty of Sciences of Tunis - El Manar Degree: Engineering Graduation Year: 2013 Area: Geoscinces Start - End Year: 2010 - 2013
Awards & Recognitions
Award Name: AAPG - Imperial Barrel Award Award Year: 2015
The Imperial Barrel Award is a global annual competition where students analyze a dataset (Geology, Geochemical data, Petrophysical data, Seismic data) and deliver their results in a 25-minute presentation. Our team was representing the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis and was composed of 3 geosciences engineers and 2 drilling engineers. Results: - First winners of North Africa Region. - Third place in the Semi-finals - Africa Region ( Scored 77.8%)

Well Data Management; 

Quantitative geophysical interpretation; 

Seismic interpretation; 

Training Courses; 

Rock Physics; 

Log Analysis; 

Data quality control; 



Reservoir Characterization; 


Oil & Gas well; 




Virtual assistant; 

Work History & Review

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