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Vladimir Ingerman
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Vladimir Ingerman

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Houston, Texas, United States 6:30 am local time

Founder & CEO $150/hr
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Since 1994 Amros Corporation has been providing innovative geoscience solutions to help operators optimize the development of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs around the world. These have included solutions for direct hydrocarbon identification using seismic data, joint petrophysical and seismic interpretation, formation evaluation for heavy oil and marine littoral shale deposits, and many others where we have extracted maximum value from data to support informed decision making and optimized operations.

In 2013 Amros Corporation introduced ShaleVision™, our proprietary technology based on decades of research and analysis. Amros ShaleVision™ technology identifies the highest producing zones (sweet spots) in shale and tight rock. It is based on the advanced interpretation of open-hole log data and calculates a Production Profile that accurately predicts production along the entire well. The technology is based on an equation that was distilled from a unique set of data that included permeability derived from hundreds of pressure build-up well tests.

The technology delivers:

  • Production Profiles
  • Locations of the best formations and zones
  • Production maps for the best formations
  • Recommended well trajectories
  • Recommended well spacing
  • Initial production estimates.

Based on analyses of more than 100 vertical wells in the Permian Basin, we can see that developing only sweet spots allows operators to decrease production costs by a factor of three as compared with geometrical drilling. The new approach significantly increases recovery efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

Operators can have huge additional profit and at the same time pump much less water, proppants and various chemicals under the ground. The technology is validated in the Permian Basin by several operators and Chevron Technology Ventures.

The Global Petroleum Show 2018 nominated ShaleVision™ as an Award Winner in the category Innovations in Technologies: Process Control.

Amros was a finalist the following international events:

  • Go Global Awards 2021
  • InnoStars US-China Competition 2019
  • The World Oil Awards 2016
  • Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Tech Company 2015.

Amros is the only company in the industry that provides Production Profile. None of the existing service companies can provide the same results that Amros ShaleVision™ produces. We can design a pilot project based on the existing wells. The trial will provide valuable information to increase production from areas considered depleted by identifying reserves previously missed.

We are flexible and ready to work with you on the deliverables based on your budget and needs. We are confident that the benefits to you in terms of increased production will amount to many times the cost of the trial.

Frack Less – Produce More.

Project: Multiple projects in different countries since 1994 Duration: 1994 to Present Description:

Identified the formation signature that was successfully used to verify formation tops and determine which wells belonged to the same structure without seismic data for offshore Brazil.

Developed technology for calculating the oil saturation factor for oil-wet, unconsolidated reservoirs with heavy oil in Venezuela.

Developed the methodology for interpretation of marine littoral shale deposits that allows obtaining a commercial oil flow in the environment where conventional methods were ineffective in India.

Successful project in Texas where Amros identified the areas to drill high producing horizontal wells and provided production maps for future development including trajectories and initial production estimates.

Awards & Recognitions
Award Name: Go Global Awards 2021 - Finalist Award Year: 2021

Go Global Awards 2021 nominated Amros Corporation as an Finalist in the category Energy

Award Name: InnoStars US-China Competition 2019 - Finalist Award Year: 2019

Amros Corporation won in the U.S. preliminary rounds of the2019 InnoSTARS competition organized by US - China Innovation Alliance. Amros was invited to compete in Grand Final and business matchmaking meetings in China.

Award Name: Award Winner in the category Innovations in Technologies: Process Control Award Year: 2018

The Global Petroleum Show 2018 nominated Amros Corporation as an Award Winner in the category Innovations in Technologies: Process Control. This category recognizes a project, product or service to controls, that creates high impact disruptive innovation that will have a major influence on energy efficiency, emissions, economics, schedule or quality and practical consideration.

Award Name: World Oil Awards 2016 - Finalist Award Year: 2016

Amros technology was recognized as a Finalist for the World Oil Awards 2016 in the category New Horizons Idea

Award Name: Award Winner in the category Energy and Clean Technology Award Year: 2015

Rice Alliance Energy 2015 nominated Amros Corporation as an Award Winner


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Formation Evaluation; 

Production Optimization; 

Formation correlation; 

Core-log integration; 

Portfolio Analysis; 

Decision Analysis; 

Russian Language; 

Core Logging; 


Log Analysis; 

Log Analysis (Wireline); 

Log Analysis (MWD); 

Multimineral Analysis; 

Research & Development; 

Reservoir Characterization; 

Production Maximization; 




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