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Mayindu Lumingu

Mayindu Lumingu


About Mayindu Lumingu

Seismic Source Mechanic Specialist II for Towed Streamers Ops/ Back Deck Mechanic Leader for OBN seismic Operations
Detail-oriented Electro Mechanical Engineer with 14+ years’ combined experience as Back Deck Mechanic Leader for OBS/ OBN( Ocean Bottom Nodes) Seismic operations; and as Seismic sources Mechanic-II / Gun Mechanic – II for Towed Streamers Seismic operations who had performed the Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Calibration, upgrade, Testing, Commissioning, De-commissioning, Overhaul and other Seismic related activities including: ● Electro Hydraulic Pinch Sheave for Nodes deployment Troubleshooting, maintenance and Operation.- Controlled with CAN system. ● Electrical & hydraulic Nodes deployment Conveyors mounting, maintenance, Assembly and operation. ● Electrical Motors for Nodes deploying Conveyors Testing, mounting and Troubleshooting. ● Electro Hydraulic Nodes Handling Bridge Cranes maintenance and Operations. ● Electrical Robots or Nodes pushers maintainance, Operations and batteries & Controllers replacement.- Controlled with CAN System. ● HPU's( High Pressure Units) Assembly, mounting and maintainance. - Controlled with PLC & CAN Systems. ● Electro Hydraulic moveable Trolleys for Nodes' Ropes Deploying & Retrieving. ● Bolt Air guns (1500LL & 1900LL) Overhaul. ● Umbilical DAG types Gun Cables Electrical Troubleshooting(Use of OTDR & OTR), handling and Hydrostatic pressure testing up to 3000psi. ● Gun Cables Reels Sliprings overhaul & pressure testing up to 3000psi. ● Steerable Source (ASC/DSC/WSS) – Maintainance, Rigging & Handling. ● Winches’ hydraulic Motors hoses and Pipes Maintainance. Oil change & check. ● Seismic Insea and On-board Equipments Maintainance & upgrade. ● Seismic Insea Equipments Deployment and Recovery. ● Hydraulic and High Pressure air hoses - Manufacturing and Hydrostatic pressure testing.- (Certified). ● Seismic Source Control System - Faults-finding, maintainance,Troubleshooting. ● Deflectors ( Doors, Miniwing & Monowings Mk1, Mk2, Mk2s, Mcon...) rigging/ troubleshooting/ handling. ● Streamers Separation Spectrum Ropes and Sources Polypropylene Depth Ropes Splicing. - (Certified). ● Small boat operations and Maintenance ( Norpower/Westplast). ● Spare parts Ordering & Inventory control. - Cut costs in the department by 15%. ● Planned Maintenance System (AMOS / TM-Master). - Working for 14 years ongoing for Oil & Gas Exploration in Seismic industry in four different continents: America , Europe , Asia & MEA and Africa Maintaining Seismic Equipments and acquiring Seismic datas in deep and shallow waters in various locations. - Attended various worldwide Certified Trainings related to Oil & Gas sector mostly in Schlumberger Centers.

Company: Channel Ship Services Ltd (Assigned onboard Shearwater vessels ) Duration: Feb 01, 2021 to Mar 01, 2021 . 1 month
Position: Seismic Source Mechanic Specialist II Duration: Feb 01, 2021 to Mar 01, 2021 . 1 month Description:
I was contracted by Channel Ship Services and assigned onboard a Shearwater GeoServices vessel to acquire Seismic Datas in Bloc 17 operated by Total offshore Angola.

Company: BGP CNPC LTD Duration: Nov 01, 2018 to Jan 01, 2020 . 1 year 2 months
Position: Back Deck Mechanic Leader for OBN seismic Operations Duration: Nov 01, 2018 to Jan 01, 2020 . 1 year 2 months Description:
I was assigned onboard Ocean Pearl, an OBN seismic vessel to perform seismic OBN surveys Offshore in 3x Blocs operated by Shell Nigeria. Acquired Seismic datas in Blocs OML74, OML 77, OML 79 in Nigeria. - Maintaining all Seismic Fixed and rotating Equipments existing / or used on back deck of the seismic OBN vessel(Ocean Pearl). - Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Calibrating, Servicing,Testing,Upgrading and Decommissioning all the Seismic Equipments onboard that Seismic vessels. - Worked on most of the Marine seismic systems and Technologies used on Ocean Bottom Nodes (Geospace OBX 750 NODE Types) Seismic operations. - Nodes deployment Electro Hydraulic Pinch Sheave ( Controlled with CAN system). - Electrical Nodes deployment Conveyors( Controlled with CAN system). - Electrical Motors for Nodes deploying Conveyors. - Electro Hydraulic Nodes Handling Bridge Cranes( Controlled with CAN system). -Electrical Robots(Nodes pushers) for Nodes Pushing( Controlled with CAN System). - HPU's( High Pressure Units ) controlled with PLC & CAN Systems. - Electro Hydraulic Trolleys for Nodes Deploying Ropes. - High Pressure Hydraulic / Pneumatic hoses Construction and Testing (Certified). - Hydraulic Systems Operations & Maintainance ( Certified) - Electro Mechanical and Electronic systems Maintenance and Troubleshooting. - OBN In sea Equipements Deployment, Recovery, Handling and Charging. - In charge of making sure that the Equipements are all performing properly as per the performance requirements during Insea Equipments deployment and recovery. - In charge of Mentoring, Training and development of the Junior Mechanics in my department and Setting up the KPI(Key Performance indicators ) for them. - As a acting Chief Mechanic i was in charge of ordering spare parts internationally and perfoming inventories within the department. - Preparing the daily jobs "To Do " list and Reporting to the Manager all the Maintenance routine/Corrective jobs done in daily basis. - Interact with all the departments ( Acquisition, Positioning, Data Processing) making sure the Equipements are working properly as per the client Specifications and Support the overall Seismic operations process. - Conducting QHSE Meeting within the Department prior to perform any daily work. - Reporting all the QHSE hazards,risks and non compliance actions occurred during the operations. - Participate in the internal and external meeting related to the operation onboard.

Company: Channel Ship Services Ltd (Assigned onboard Wesrerngeco Vess vessels )) Duration: Feb 01, 2016 to Oct 01, 2018 . 2 years 8 months
Position: Seismic Source Mechanic Specialist II Duration: Feb 01, 2016 to Oct 01, 2018 . 2 years 8 months Description:
Working as contractor assigned on board the westerngeco Marine MPV seismic vessel " Vespucci",and covered the Chief Mechanic/Supervisor for 10 days: - Drydock: Upgraded, commissioned and prepared successfully the vessel coming from cold stack back to production. - Assisted and participated in the vessel back deck modifications and installation of the new technology of the OBN (Ocean Bottom Nodes) system onboard. - Serviced and Maintained 6x Deflectors, and Prepared & Tested 8 x sets of Deflectors Cylinders (Power & Battery Cylinders) and got them ready to go. - Upgraded Deflectors' Pigtails. - Successfully performed Hydrostatic pressure test up to 3000psi and issued certifications on 6x Dag types Umbilical Gun cables in Service and on 2x Spare ones. - Performed Hydrostatic pressure test up to 3000psi on 6x in-service Gun Reels Sliprings and on 2x spare ones; and issued Certificates. - Test & Operation: Experienced with the OBN(Ocean Bottom Nodes) technology, including Best practices of nodes ropes installation on Electrical reels, Nodes installation on rope via quick links, deployment , operation, recovery, storage on racks and charging. - Pig (Node rope ocean bottom weights) fabrication , Deployment and recovery best practice. - Spliced Streamers Spectrum Distance & Separation Ropes and Source Polypropylene Depth ropes. - Overhauled 48x Air Guns and Installed all of them on 6x Guns Arrays. - Configured the PMS ( AMOS) system and updated the status of all the Equipements in use and in spare. - Fully equipped, prepared the MPV vessel " Vespucci " and Sailed to Malaysia for PETRONAS work in SARAWAK.

Company: WesternGeco Int'l Duration: May 01, 2006 to Jun 01, 2015 . 9 years 1 month
Position: Seismic Source Mechanic Specialist II /Senior Mechanic Specialist Duration: May 01, 2006 to Jun 01, 2015 . 9 years 1 month Description:
I Started with WesternGeco in May 2006 as a Trainee and went all the steps up to Acting Team leader within the Mechanical Department. - I was assigned onboard Towed Streamers Seismic vessels and acquired Seismic Datas in deep water worldwide. My main duties were Maintaining, Troubleshooting, Testing, Upgrading, Commissioning and Decommissioning all the Onboard Seismic Equipments, as well as deploying& Recovering all the Insea Seismic Equipments. - I was also a valuable crew member for small boat/work boat during Insea Equipments Equipments Troubleshooting or replacement. - I have attended many work related Certified Trainings and seminars worldwide. During this period, We Carried out several Multi Client Seismic Survey jobs in Nova Scotia / Canada for BP which included 5x Seismic Vessels ( Two Streamers towing Vessels and Three shooting Boats). - We also Carried out and Completed another Multi Client Seismic Survey jobs in the Golf of Mexico, including 4 WesternGeco Seismic Vessels ( Two Streamers towing Vessels and Two Gun Boats). - Performed several Conventional Marine Seismic Operations and maintainance including: ISOMETRIX, Q-MARINE, Q-SEABED, OBC, MULTICLIENT, CLOSE PASS, UNDERSHOOT, WAZ, WATS, 4D, 3D, 2D. -In charge of Deployment & Recovery of the Marine Seismic Sources. -Maintainance and operation of the Deflectors( Doors, MiniWing, Monowings MK1, MK2, MK2S, MCons) systems used, Troubleshooting,Testing, Calibration, Deployment and Recovery.
University: Institut Supérieur des Sciences et Techniques Appliquées /ISTA - DRC Degree: BSc. in Electro Mechanical Engineering Graduation Year: 2002 Area: Mechanical Engineering Start - End Year: August 1998 - April 2002 Notes:
Graduated with Honors after having spent 4 full years studying the Electro/Mechanical Engineering lessons, with areas of interest Includimg: Applied Mechanics, Fluids Mechanics, Materials Strenghts, Thermal machines, Electric Machines, Mathematical analysis, Machine tools, Items of machinery ,Thermodynamic ( Study of transforming heat to other forms of energy ) ,Materials Technology etc... At the same time, the laboratory works as well as a few experiences from various workshops were also achieved in order to join the theory lessons learned to their practical sides so that a much clearer understanding can be made.

University: Institut Scientifique de Mont NGAFULA / Mater DEI - DRC Degree: State Honour Diploma Graduation Year: 2007 Area: MATHS & PHYSICS Start - End Year: 1990 - 2007 Notes:
Held Maths and Physics Diploma after Completing successfuly 6years of Secondary &post secondary school.

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