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Treatment and Interpretation Techniques of Wireline Pressure Data

15 September 2023
Course Summary

A review of the most important checks and QC of wireline pressure data and well data before the interpretation step, and of three different interpretation techniques, with case histories

Subject Area

Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Reservoir
  • Production
  • Geology
  • Petrophysics
  • Geomechanics
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Wireline
  • Log Analysis

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Course Outline (Table of Content)
  • Treatment and Interpretation Techniques of Wireline Pressure Data
    ( 1 video )
    • Why take pressure data - Basic Checks - QC and Filtering - Interpretation Techniques ( 1 video )
Cost of Course (USD)


Who Should Buy This Course?

Anybody interested in extracting the maximum value from wireline pressure data: Wellite, Operationa, Resrvoir and Production Geologists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers

Why Should You Buy This Course?

The aim is to allow interpreters to properly QC and filter pressure data, providing them with advanced interpretation techniques that can improve the reservoir's understanding

Course Preparation

Some familiarity with Operations Geology, Wireline Logging and particularly Wireline Pressure Testing tools is recommended.

Instructor Details
Instructor: Paolo Martini
Title: Senior Petroleum Geologist

The start of my career was with ENI, where I spent 17 years working as a Wellsite, Operations and Reservoir Geologist and Petrophysicist.

In the last 15 years I worked for smaller O&G companies as well as an independent consultant, working on worldwide projects in clastic and carbonate reservoirs.

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