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Reservoir Engineering Services

19 March 2024
Description of Service

Key Attributes and Proficiencies

  • Reservoir Management
  • Production forecast & Field Development Planning
  • Improved Oil Recovery Evaluations
  • Daily Field Operations and Production Optimization
  • Water flood management
  • Reservoir characterization
  • New well delivery evaluation
  • PVT Characterization
  • DFN Modelling
  • Carbonate frac. reservoir simulation
  • Numerical Reservoir Simulation
  • Well Test Design and Analysis
  • Reserves/Resources Evaluation
  • Knowledge of SPE-PRMS guidelines for reserves and their classifications
What You Will Get From Purchasing This Professional Service. Deliverables

A complete fulfilled package upon the buyer request/needs.

Duration To Complete Service. How Long Before Service Is Completed

it depends on the volume of work starting from 1 week

Reservoir engineer with more than 10 years of experience capable of working both independently and in a team under demanding and changing workloads. This experience emphasis on oil /gas fields management and subsurface support with a track-record for generating opportunities and delivering business results both through solid technical delivery and good written/verbal communication to both senior and junior levels in my organization.

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