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Core Flooding Design, EOR Technologies For Heavy Oils, Chemical Formulation For EOR.

11 October 2023
Description of Consultation

I am a seasoned Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) expert with a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. With extensive knowledge and experience, I specialize in conducting field evaluations to determine the most suitable EOR techniques for oil reservoirs. We also provide highly specialized designs for core flooding ridges and all accessories that are used in conducting core floods for evaluating EOR technologies. My expertise lies in identifying and implementing the optimal EOR methods, tailored to specific reservoir conditions, ensuring maximum oil recovery. Additionally, I possess advanced skills in well-stimulation and fracturing, particularly beneficial for revitalizing depleted oil fields. My comprehensive understanding of these techniques allows me to develop strategic plans that enhance oil production from previously exhausted wells. I am dedicated to providing expert guidance in the realm of EOR and well-stimulation, enabling oil companies to make informed decisions and significantly improve their reservoir performance.

What you will get from meeting with me

In-Depth Field Evaluation: Thorough assessment of the existing reservoir conditions, including rock properties, fluid characteristics, and geologic structure.

Detailed analysis of historical production data and reservoir performance to identify limitations and opportunities for improvement.

Customized EOR Solutions: Identification of the most suitable EOR techniques based on the reservoir's unique properties and challenges.

Development of customized EOR strategies, considering factors such as reservoir depth, temperature, pressure, and fluid composition.

Evaluation of techniques including water flooding, gas injection, chemical flooding, and thermal methods to enhance oil recovery.

Strategic Planning and Implementation: Creation of a strategic roadmap outlining the step-by-step implementation of selected EOR methods. Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams to ensure seamless integration of EOR techniques into existing field operations.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment of strategies based on real-time data and reservoir responses.

Expertise in Well Stimulation and Fracturing: Utilization of advanced well-stimulation techniques, including hydraulic fracturing, to enhance reservoir connectivity and improve production rates.

Specialized knowledge in designing and executing fracturing operations tailored to depleted or low-productivity oil fields.

Compliance and Safety Assurance: Adherence to industry standards and best practices to guarantee the safety and environmental integrity of all EOR and stimulation activities.

Ensuring compliance with local regulations and environmental guidelines throughout the process.

Transparent Communication and Collaboration: Open and clear communication with buyers, providing regular updates on project progress, challenges faced, and solutions implemented. Collaborative engagement with client teams, encouraging knowledge exchange and fostering a mutual understanding of the project goals. Buyers can rely on my expertise to navigate the complexities of EOR and well stimulation, ensuring optimal reservoir recovery, increased production efficiency, and long-term sustainability of their oil fields.

Things I can do. Things I can offer

EOR evaluation

core flooding design

Gas flooding designs

Chemical formulations for EOR applications

Expert in emulsion systems for EOR applications

Drilling fluids expert

My Classification

Engineering Company,Contractor,Subcontractor,University,R&D Institution

My Experience Level


Dr. Farad Sagala is a distinguished researcher and academician whose expertise lies in the realm of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies. With an illustrious academic background and a proven track record in petroleum engineering, Dr. Sagala has emerged as a leading figure in the field, contributing significantly to the advancement of oil extraction methods. Currently, he is a senior Lecturer at Mbarara University in Uganda in the Department of Petroleum Engineering and a director of SAGOPEC Energies International a company that deals with chemicals and equipment supplies and innovative EOR/drilling technologies for oil and gas production.


  • Post Doctoral Fellow; University of Calgary, Canada
  • PhD Chemical and Petroleum Engineering: University of Calgary, Canada
  • MSc Science Petroleum Engineering University Technology Malaysia(UTM)
  • BSc Engineering(Biosystems Engineering): Makerere University
  • Several publications: ( Dr. Farad Sagala - Google Scholar)
  • Curriculum Vita: (farad-academic-cv-june.pdf (sagopec.com)

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