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Over 30+ years On Various Conventional/Unconventional Field Developments.

10 October 2023
Description of Consultation

Feasibility study

  • Information gathering
  • Option development
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost estimate
  • Assessment of current conditions
  • Review technical documents
  • Identify various options for upgrade
  • Financial model and analysis

Oil & gas field discovery

  • Log data, core data, well testing
  • Log data calibration
  • Identifying formation’s signature from log data interpretation to outline the reservoir
  • Estimation cut off for VSH, Porosity, SW
  • Gas detection
  • Low resistivity fields
  • Mudlogging
  • RT Scanner

Shale development optimization

  • Shale deposits
  • Permeability
  • Production Profile calculation based on advanced formation evaluation
  • Brittleness
  • Identification of the best formations
  • Optimization of well spacing
  • Production maps

Statistical integration of shale deposits with poor differentiation of log data

  • Theoretical background: histogram, mathematical expectation, variance, bimodal distribution
  • Summing Log Data
  • Normalizing
  • Correlation matrix
  • Reservoirs identification

Identification of formation signature to determine which wells belonged to the same structure without seismic data.

Calculating the oil saturation factor for oil-wet, unconsolidated reservoirs with heavy oil.

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Amros Corporation www.amros.us

Vladimir Ingerman grew up in the Former Soviet Union in a medical doctor’s family. After graduating Oil Institute of Grozny, he worked four years in the field expedition in Tajikistan. He started as an operator of logging unit and within several months was promoted to Logging Supervisor. In this position, he developed a new logging tool to identify locations of fluorite in the wells.

Dr. Ingerman received a Doctor of Technical Science, as well as a Ph.D. in oil field development, and a Master of Science in geophysical methods. He has 55 professional publications including two books. He has advised all major Russian oil companies, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Amoco, Shell, El Paso and others in the US, most major oil companies in South America, Maersk Oil in Denmark and ONGC in India.

He was VP of Tyumenneftegeophysica, the second largest Service Company in the Oil Ministry. In this company he was in charge of development and implementation of software for automated processing and interpretation of log data. This software captured almost 100% of oil and gas wells in Western Siberia - the largest oil and gas region in Former Soviet Union and is still in use. The total number of the wells where software was applied exceeded a million.

In 1989 he was selected as one of the top ten geoscientists in the Ministry of Oil.

In 1990 he was offered a position with Halliburton and moved with his family to USA. It was the first contract between an employee of Soviet Ministry of Oil and an American company.

He founded Amros corporation in 1994. Amros Corporation has been providing innovative geoscience solutions to help operators optimize the development of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs around the world:

  • Made successful testing of the new technique for direct hydrocarbon identification using seismic data in USA and Columbia.
  • Developed the methodology to identify the formation signature that was successfully used to verify formation tops and determine which wells belonged to the same structure without seismic data for offshore Brazil.
  • Developed technology for calculating the oil saturation factor for oil-wet, unconsolidated reservoirs with heavy oil in Venezuela.
  • Developed the methodology for interpretation of marine littoral shale deposits that allows obtaining a commercial oil flow in the environment where conventional methods were ineffective in India.

In 2013 Amros Corporation introduced ShaleVision™, proprietary technology based on decades of research and analysis that identifies the highest producing zones in shale plays, allowing operators to target the best producing zones and avoid the cost of drilling low productive wells. Developing only sweet spots allows operators to decrease production costs by a factor of three as compared with geometrical drilling. The new approach significantly increases recovery efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Operators can have huge additional profit and at the same time pump much less water, proppants and various chemicals under the ground. 

Amros Corporation received five Awards at different international technology events during 2015 – 2021:

  • 2021 Go Global Awards for a Frontrunner Award Professional Services in the category Energy.
  • Finalist 2019 InnoSTARS Competition hosted by the US - China Innovation and Investment Summit.
  • The Global Petroleum Show 2018 Award Winner in the category Innovations in Technologies: Process Control.
  • Finalist in the category New Horizons Idea in The World Oil Awards 2016.
  • Rice Alliance Energy 2015 Award Winner in the category Energy and Clean Technology.

He is married and has two sons. He lived in and visited 73 countries and swam in 55 seas and oceans. Participated in yacht trip around the world. Likes pets, play tennis, ski, windsurfing and scuba diving.

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